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Fall 2021

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Kick off fall with spectacular hikes!

A couple hiking in the forest on the Lake Minnewanka Trail in Banff National Park.

From accessible trails to epic overnight journeys, our NEW hiking hub provides great insider info to help plan your next adventure. Whether you’re looking for a family stroll around a lake or a trek to the top of a mountain, the variety of trails and destinations is sure to please. Find a hike that’s just right for you!

The art of forest bathing

A couple stands surrounded by forest in Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

Can you imagine a world without trees? Healthy forests keep us healthy… and alive! From making oxygen to keeping cities cool, they are also known to have healing powers on mind and body.

Discover the benefits of forest bathing while learning more about the challenges some forests are facing and how Parks Canada protects this critical resource. #ParksCanadaConservation

Fall-ow the colours

A family has a snack at the Beaver Glen Campground in Prince Albert National Park.

Cool mornings, comfort food and wonderful colours: there’s no better time to enjoy camping than fall! With a new season just around the corner, now’s the time to plan that special overnight stay.

As many Canadians plan to enjoy the outdoors this fall, keep in mind that camping may be limited in some locations. Check availability before you go.

Escape city lights

A Parks Canada oTENTik below the Milky Way at night in the Dark Sky Preserve at Grasslands National Park.

Did you know that Parks Canada protects the most dark skies in the world? Dark-Sky Preserves reduce or eliminate light pollution in all forms. Many plants and wildlife rely on darkness to forage, breed and navigate.

Preserving these places not only protects ecosystems, but it also provides a magical experience for you! Take a break from the city lights and plan a trip around one of these starlit wonders.

Enjoy the power and beauty of the North

Video: Into the Arctic, film #3 of a trilogy by Cory Trépanier

Experience the arctic world like never before! Take in breathtaking landscapes, set your eyes on majestic wildlife and learn about unique Indigenous cultures.

Follow Canadian artist and filmmaker Cory Trépanier through his inspiring journey into 6 remote Arctic national parks. Watch the award-winning Into the Arctic film trilogy for free!

Photo: Carl Trépanier

Spotlight on…

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Canada’s oldest stone fur trading post

A young indigenous dancer preforming at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site.
150 years of Treaty

Lower Fort Garry is most notable as the meeting place for the signing of Treaty No. 1, the first of the 11 numbered treaties in Canada.

This year marks the 150th anniversary of this important milestone.

Learn more about Treaty No. 1 and commemorate with us!

Chris Wabie, an Indigenous builder from Roseau River First Nation, assembles the framework of a birch bark dwelling with the help of a Parks Canada interpreter.
Authentic Wigwams

Visit the new wigwams and tipi recently installed within the existing Indigenous encampment area.

Built by two Indigenous builders from Roseau River First Nation, these new structures are representative of the authentic Indigenous architecture that would have been present during the mid-19th century and honour Indigenous cultural connections of the place.

Visitors stop at Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site on their way through the Red River Valley on a guided driving tour.
Take the Wheel!

Follow Parks Canada guides as you drive through the Red River Valley and discover the history and architecture of significant places that have shaped the Southern Manitoba area.

Experience the new and unique guided driving tour from the comfort of your car!